Imagination is an extension of reality, something that I use in my art to express the intangible. I use colors and lines along with abstraction to portray a setting that my characters can live or play in. Most of the paintings hint at self-portraiture, without using a physical portrait. The activities going on in the paintings are mostly portrayals of my own imagination as a child and the games that I invented from everyday objects or settings.

            I am drawn to this imagery because of its direct relation to me, and because I find it impressive to be able to imagine so much from so little stimulation. The worlds in which I create are meant to convey a sense of realism intertwined with fantastical highlights. I ground the children only a little, with a hint at where they are, or what they are playing with. Spills, designs, and unrealistic situations add to the effect of imagination and a sense of carefree mentality. The abstracted landscape allows the viewer to make their own interpretation and hopefully reminisce about their own imagination. The feeling of reminiscence is one that I hope to convey in my work. I am drawn to the feeling it gives me as the creator as well as how it over powers the viewer.

            In these paintings I hope to accomplish a feeling of playfulness, naiveté, and ignorance within the different characters I paint, as well as the surroundings that they are in. I stick mainly to children because of their immediate innocent feel, as well as girls because of the theme of my self-portrait and my familiarity with the form.